• LEUKOCYTE: Complete cells , colorless (nuclei, mitochondria and organelles)
• The leucocytes (WBCs) of the peripheral blood are of two main varieties, distinguished by the presence or absence of granules.
These are granulocytes and a granulocytes (non granulocytes).
Total leucocyte count varies with age.in adults: 4000–11,000/mm3of blood.
The life of the granulocytes after being released from the bone marrow is normally 4 to 8 hours circulating in the blood and another 4 to 5 days in tissues where they are needed.
 The monocytes have 10 to 20 hours in the blood. Once in the tissues, they swell to much larger sizes to become tissue macrophages, and in this form, can live for month.
 The lymphocytes have life spans of weeks or months.

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