The Physical therapy is an art and important science that is important in the development of health and prevention of disease and injury through the understanding of human body movement, the physiotherapy works to correct and reduce the effects of disease and injury,

Our messages include Assessment and treatment of the disease, case Management, supervision of physiotherapy services and working personnel, Consultation with other health systems, the preparation of records and reports and participate in the planning for community, projects, future plans and evaluation of educational programs.

Physical therapy is one of the early medical specialties known as the diagnosis and treatment of disability and disease by natural means

Physical Therapist is a person with a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree in physiotherapy.

Today, the profession of Physiotherapy Techniques plays a dynamic role in the development and advancement of health care for Patients as well as Healthy people as a preventive and therapeutic methods in all medical specialties.


Increase physiotherapy services by providing educational, scientific research and practical programs with high quality and efficiency in all aspects of therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitation work.


The department aims to graduate technical staff in physiotherapy and medical rehabilitation whom  acquire working skills in the treatment of neurological, psychological, internal, surgical, hearing – speech disabilities and children, the department aspire to:

Graduate competent staff  who can provide medical care and physiotherapy for people who suffer of movement disorders, physical disabilities and functional limitations, to athletes in all games inside and outside the stadiums and increasing their fitness.

Provide the graduates with technical skills to use modern physiotherapy equipment in hospitals, sports medicine, youth ministry, Olympic committee, sports federations and rehabilitation centers.

Provide high quality educational programs that keeps up with the latest developments and to put strategic plans for the follow-up and continuous training for the implementation of treatment programs.

Encouragement and support of scientific research in the field of physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation.

Strengthening the relations with the health and service sectors and related community institutions through the opening of outpatient clinics that provide services to the patients in its advanced laboratories after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education.

Opening educational courses in the field of physiotherapy in order to reach the latest sciences in this field.


The Graduation of high-caliber medical middle staff specialized in the field of physiotherapy through the provision of a stimulating environment for learning, creativity and improvement in the field of physiotherapy, the support of researches, scientific and practical studies actively for the development of community health.

Research & Career

  • Work at the Ministry of Health different sectors, including government hospitals and medical rehabilitation centers.
  • The graduate would be a medical technician in physiotherapy techniques.
  • Supervising and working on physiotherapy equipment, its care and organization.
  • Preparation of treatment programs for the patient under the supervision of specialized doctor at the government and private hospitals.
  • Works at the field of rehabilitation and physiotherapy of children.
  • The opportunity to work in the Olympic Committee accompanying sports teams as athletes physiotherapist.
  • Work in the Ministry of Youth (Sports Medicine) and provide therapeutic services for athletes.