The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques was established in the academic year of 2017 – 2018 to be part of the scientific departments in Al-Rafidain University College. It includes the morning and evening studies and follows the mechanism of the annual order where the duration of study is four years.

The student graduated after that holding  the Bachelor degree In the Medical Laboratory Techniques, the department is staffed with a number of professors who have a Doctorate and Master degree, in addition to the technical staff the department contains a number of specialized laboratories that have been equipped with the best modern laboratory equipment which participate effectively in the development of the student’s practical abilities as well as its synchronization with the requirements of the theoretical side at the level of each subject.


The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques is one of the important sections within the medical group due to its effective role in supplying the necessary working staff in the field of pathological analysis in the laboratories of the Ministry of Health and the private sector, in addition to the role of the department in supporting the scientific and research aspect by investing the role of teaching  staff in the field of research Scientific studies.


The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques was established in accordance with the scientific development method and its adopting the basic structure on which the department is based on, as well the scientific development has an effective role in the diagnosis and treatment of many if not all cases of diseases.

The department also works to open all cognitive and methodological horizons for the purpose of expansion and building links with institutions and corresponding sections for the purpose of completion of the diagnostic task that helps the beneficiary to obtain accuracy and speed in the diagnosis of diseases, in addition the adopting of research methodology for employees in the field for the purpose of access to a work methodology and ideas serving the community and in general.


1- The department aims at preparing professional staff specialized in the field of pathological analyzes, in addition to all tests of laboratory analysis nature to enable the graduate after four years of studying to work in public and private health institutions.

2 – The creation of specialized staff able to keep up with the scientific and technical development in the field of pathological diagnosis based on the results of the pathological analysis.

3 – The complete of the pathological diagnosis through the integration with the branches and other health sections.

4- Provide the local health market with expertise of a specialized nature in the field of health in general and the field of laboratory in particular.

5 – Emphasize the accuracy of work and the adoption of correct laboratory tests because of its role in the diagnosis of injuries and health problems and thus help to treat them in short time.

6 – To contribute effectively to scientific research through the investment of the department’s laboratories and the help of the professors and other specialists to complete the requirements of scientific research.

Research & Career

  1. The student shall be able after graduation to work in the medical laboratories affiliated to the Ministry of Health as well as the private sector laboratories.
  2. Work in research centers that follow the research methodology in obtaining the results and attach them to the beneficiary.

3 – Work in laboratories of the analytical nature and in all institutions and public sectors.

4 – The possibility to invest in practical knowledge in the field of laboratory devices and its maintenance.

5- The possibility of working in the food and chemical laboratories.