The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2014 with the aim of preparing graduates in the field of construction engineering in its construction aspects, building materials, roads, bridges and dams, construction of water purification plants, design of steel structures, and weak and gypsum soil engineering projects.
The department tries to mobilize students from the first stage in practical reality by organizing visits to sites under implementation, organizing additional lectures and training and presenting them with demonstrations of advanced projects and techniques to qualify them for practical reality and help them to understand practical theoretical lessons.
The duration of the study in the department is four years. The student receives a bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in civil engineering to be qualified to work in the local market.


The department is looking forward to graduating a number of engineers interested in practical aspects to qualify them to enter the workplace immediately after graduating and qualify by raising the scientific level of the graduate to complete his graduate studies in the master’s and doctorate.


The department hopes that its curriculum and teaching style will be capable of graduating engineers who possess the theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them to lead the executive and design process efficiently and qualify them socially to integrate with the reality of the market and raise confidence in them and guide them to serve our beloved country.


The department aims at preparing engineering staffs with scientific and professional excellence through increasing the duration of the summer training in engineering projects under implementation and in cooperation with the engineering bodies in the ministries concerned with construction and housing, construction of roads and dams, drainage projects, units and liquidation and treatment complexes, rehabilitation of graduates to work in research institutions and training them in research work And the method of writing research through the graduation projects.

Research & Career

Through the curriculum of the Department of Civil Engineering at Al-Rafidain University College, which is the same curriculum followed by the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Baghdad, the graduate will receive a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, which qualifies him to work in the ministries and departments and companies involved in all areas of civil engineering of the design works Construction of dams and reservoirs, designs of steel structures, soil tests and construction materials, and working as a resident engineer in construction projects and qualifying him to undertake the construction projects as a free work not linked to the state departments.