Section was established in 2005 and aims to qualify the graduate to be technical engineers his ability to develop preliminary designs for air-conditioning systems in general and supervises the maintenance of an independent central air-conditioning systems and supervision at the monument to the systems of various kinds. It is well known that the university policy is upgrading the scientific and practical level of graduate and on this basis it has laboratories and workshops care in which the student is preparing a high level of practical experience.


This section is looking forward to be a distinct section between the department of mechanical engineering in the government and private universities and colleges through strengthening the scientific and admin relations in a form guaranteed graduating engineering staff achieves the main technical and cognitive supplies in the Iraq and the world.



The main objectives of the department are distributed:

1) Create and graduate engineering staff investigator for the kits and technical knowledge to be the main high-quality in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning engineering and technical resource

2) Establishing the principle of participation in society to promote a culture of technical education and its applications

3) Graduation confident skill and understanding of scientific teams in the field of thermal loads (analysis and calculations) as well as in the manufacture, repair and maintenance of control and related services activities

4) Organizing training courses and qualification of staff with efficient post section students to engage in the labor market

5) Strengthen the scientific and administrative ties with the scientific and engineering colleges corresponding to the body as well as the ministry’s industrial companies and other relevant institutions on training needs, rehabilitation and development of education programs

6) Continuing social contribution and research to ensure the highest levels of understanding of students in summer training plan and follow-up after graduation

7) Establish and develop all plans scientific, administrative and curriculum required to achieve the paragraphs above and as required

Research & Career

1) A thermal loads accounts and choosing the right system and the economic feasibility of the various projects in the field of jurisdiction study

2) Fault Diagnosis and supervise the maintenance and repair of various systems and separate air conditioning units and central and keeping food stores of all kinds

3) The development of air-conditioning systems and freezing in line with environmental and climatic conditions to keep pace with technical development

4) Installation and operation and maintenance management complexes and reform the relevant jurisdiction

5) The participation of specialists in conducting research in the field of energy efficiency and find alternatives in the field of jurisdiction