The Department of Pharmacy was established in 2011-2012 to foster high school graduate students of the Science Branch in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The study program is five academic years and awards a Bachelor of science in pharmacy.


We seek the preparation of competent human resources with a high level of knowledge in medical, pharmaceutical skills. In addition, an effective use of medicine, as well as expertise in the manufacture of medicines. Graduates are possessing the means and methods of modern processing and distribution of medicines through the pharmaceutical chains.


The Department of Pharmacy aims to:

  1. Prepare qualified pharmaceutical graduates scientifically and practically to supplement the human resources in the country, leading to improved health and pharmaceutical services.
  2. Establishing scientific activities such as symposiums, courses, lectures, scientific research, promoting students experience in cooperation and coordination with the relevant authorities.
  3. Improve the skills of the academic staff and their education capabilities through dedicated conduction of scientific research and participate in postgraduate courses and specialized seminars.

Research & Career

The graduates of the Department of Pharmacology grant the Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacology, which qualifies them to work in:

  • Pharmaceutical services in institutions of the Ministry of Health
  • Pharmacies and general stores
  • Pharmaceutical Industries and Chemical Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Information
  • Academic work and scientific research
  • Pharmaceutical work in military medicine
  • Work in clinical analysis laboratories
  • Pharmacists are also distributed in various fields such as forensic medicine and advisory bodies as well as in the General Company for the marketing of medicines, medical supplies, medical control and inspection of health and medical institutions
  • herbal medicine