• 1- The law department was established in 2007-2008 and the graduates of the preparatory school are accepted in their branches (scientific and literary). A group of students graduated for the years 2010-2011 (2012-2013) (2013-2014) 2015) (2015-2016) (2016-2017).
  • 2- The law department council consists of ten professors, four of whom hold a doctorate and six of whom hold a master’s degree.


The future vision of the law department at Al-Rafidain University College is to keep abreast of all developments in the academic field, especially in the field of legal studies, and to work on developing and improving performance continuously and in accordance with quality standards and performance evaluation adopted in Iraqi and international universities through scientific and cultural communication. In order to ensure that all teachers enjoy the scientific and practical competence, by adhering to the criteria of evaluating the university performance. Contribute to the objectives of the Department .


  • promote the scientific reality in the field of law at the theoretical and scientific level
  • Upgrading the level of law students and to qualify them to enter the labor market in the practice of law and legal positions
  • consolidate and respect the rule of law by focusing on the relevant legal study
  • Support the principles of democracy through the deepening of legal thought related to democratic principles and to help develop democratic legislation

Research & Career

1- Rehabilitation of graduates to work in the field of practicing the profession of law

2- Qualifying the graduates to work in legal positions

3Qualifying the graduate for admission to postgraduate studies in the field of law