Dear visitor … The Department of Dentistry was founded in 2009 and 4 classes are graduated with high efficiency and excellent professional qualifications, the students have been qualified and trained to cover the demand of modern clinics and work on devices and supplies and use quality materials in dentistry. We have specialized clinics in dental and Roots fillings, crowns, bridges, surgery, Periodontal disease, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, and diagnosis.


The Department of Dentistry is looking forward to excellence and standing alongside the distinguished colleges in the Iraqi educational institutions. This department has the academic momentum, the educational potential, and the rapid development in the field of treatments clinics and educational laboratories. Before any of that: the high spiritual spirit and the firm belief in its staff to strongly push their graduates of dentists forward and continue to develop various dental sciences to achieve leadership in Iraq and the region and to provide the state institutions and medical centers with dentists at a high level of competence and experience.


To provide students with scientific knowledge and practical skills and to connect them with all that is new and distinguished and to establish ethical principles and instill the spirit of citizenship in them and fight corruption and social and national rehabilitation to carry the message of building the nation and serve the community. To achieve this mission, the department has always adopted a rigorous scientific program, practical work, and periodic campaigns to serve the community and graduate dentists to take responsibility for building this nation on their shoulders and serving the community with their eyes and love of science and learning.


  1. Achieving the integration of the scientific and practical aspects to improve the treatment provided to the patient.
  2. Linking the student to everything that is new and developed in the world of dentistry by holding seminars and workshops periodically in various specialties of dentistry.
  3. Provide the faculty with highly educated and professional teachers who possess high skills in lecturing and delivery of information in a simplified and granular manner.
  4. Encouraging scientific research and urging the dissemination of research and articles in scientific journals.
  5. Continuous support for teachers to attend the largest conferences and symposiums held inside and outside Iraq and participation in workshops, which ensures the survival of teaching in constant contact with everything that is developed and thus reflect this development at the level of students scientifically and practically.
  6. Establish self-learning skills for students to enable them to learn and increase experience.
  7. Provide a generation of dentists with a high degree of awareness and self-esteem with high skills and a solid scientific balance that enhances the confidence of others.
  8. Increase the experience of students in the treatment of the use of modern methods of laser therapy and the implementation of dental implants through specialized clinics and qualified staff.

Research & Career

Graduates can perform the following tasks:

  1. Conduct all types of teeth extraction and minor surgeries.
  2. Treatment of periodontal disease and lifting of calcification and oral health care.
  3. Make permanent and cosmetic fillings and root fillings.
  4. To compensate lost teeth in fixed and mobile bridges.
  5. Treating children’s teeth and preventing decay.

Whether in state institutions or in their own clinics.