The department of computer techniques engineering was established at year (2004-2005), aimed to the preparation of professional staff in fields of computer networks and digital communication systems and all modern techniques which connected with this specialization with addition of scopes of computer electronics and electronic control systems and topics related to them, also the knowledge in programming systems and details of its action.

The department accept preparatory school graduates of scientific section with the addition of professionally schools graduates for disputation specialized.

The duration of study in this department is four years, in the third stage the department is divided into two sections: the first computer communication networks engineering, the second is computer electronics engineering.

This department subjected to twinning system with government colleges of the same specialization.


This department will seek to rehabilitation students in section attached to scientific specialization aiming to expansion future job odds for students, by coordinate with government colleges which twinning with under supervision of ministry of higher education and scientific researches.

The department seeks to coordinate with government and private institutions for scientific interaction in order to preamble ground for future job odds for students, by preamble graduate projects which agreement with needs of different government institutions aiming to insertion the student in labour market in order to coexist directly with practical life.


Our department aims as well to Communicate with international committees & publish the student products internally & internationally, which creates the opportunities to communicate with larger number of institutes that has the same specialist to initiate the opportunities to charge skill and scientific innovations in the department. the mainly focus in our vision is to put the students into expertise outside the framework of university through the direct interaction and observation with the fields of life & different institutes of the government. this observation initiated the suitable environment to suggest solutions & have the direct observation to life obstacles or work different obstacles then seeking to decrees peoples burden through touching the problems & sufferings directly.

Research & Career

Graduates of the Department of Computer Techniques Engineering can work in a number of areas within the field of specialization where computer techniques is a great demand in both the private and public sectors. The graduate of the department can work on controlling electrical and electronic systems, design, implementation and control of computer networks and communications and the preparation and design of microcontrollers.