The Department of Communications Engineering was established in 2003/2004 as one of the leading engineering departments in the field of higher education. The department is interested in developing new knowledge and graduating engineering staff equipped with basic and modern engineering sciences in the specialization of communications engineering, computer and information engineering, and computer communications engineering. The department also covers various digital, analog and satellite radio communications.


The vision of the department is to be a pioneer among its peers in terms of achieving a distinguished level in scientific and theoretical fields and in accordance with the quality standards in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Community Service through graduates equipped with different knowledge and skills that qualify them to excellence in their field and able to adapt with different working conditions and keep abreast Accelerated developments in the field of specialization while respecting the ethics of the profession.


The preparation of distinguished engineering cadres with a bachelor’s degree in computer communication engineering, qualify him to work in the communication and computer departments in the various public sectors as well as Internet service providing centers, capable of dealing with various communication systems with skills that qualify them to build, maintenance and develop computer and communication networks.


  1. Building and developing students’ learning abilities and skills by focusing on the use of modern resources and techniques
  2. Motivating creative students
  3. Developing plans and curricula continuously
  4. Developing and updating sources in line with the developments of specialization
  5. Improve the capabilities of the faculty and the staff of the department and to stimulate their creativity and develop their research activities
  6. To achieve cooperation with the community through the development of partnerships with government sectors and civil society through continuous education, seminars, research and joint studies
  7. Providing the telecommunications, media, and other sectors that use the means of communication staff possesses high theoretical and practical skills capable of developing communications systems, improving its infrastructure and providing various intelligent solutions in the field of communications with the lowest costs and possible resources

Research & Career

The department awards its graduates a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Communications Engineering that qualifies them to work in the following fields:

  • Telecommunications companies
  • Internet service providers
  • Mobile equipment companies and various maintenance centers
  • University laboratories and research and research centers
  • Teaching specialization in universities after obtaining master’s and doctorate degrees