Introduction (by Head of Department):

The Department of Business Administration was established in 2003-2004 to satisfy the students’ aspiration to continue and enhance the scientific method and educational process; to implement a strategy of expansion, growth and keeping pace with the new vision of the management function in a world of competition and rapid technological developments; to deepen the college’s relationship with the public, private and service sectors by offering business degrees with the aim of reducing the gap between the educational reality and the practical application of the various management fields; and to continuously develop the teaching staff and encourage them to participate, locally and internationally, in scientific conferences and workshops.

56 students were accepted as freshmen; and, in 2007, the evening study was introduced in the Department.

Department’s Vision:

The Department of Business Administration aspires to be one of the distinguished departments, scientifically and professionally, among the corresponding departments in educational institutions in Iraq. It aspires to lead its graduates in terms of developing their management skills and their ability to make the right decisions while working in various management fields – in a scientific and modern manner.

Department’s Mission:  

The tasks of the Department of Business Administration include teaching and qualifying the students scientifically, educationally and practically to serve, upon graduation, in the public and private sectors; increasing the cadres working in various management fields; and, in addition to scientific and administrative skills already being taught, instilling national and social values required to enable the students/prospective graduates to participate in leadership and decision-making while working in various management fields within Iraq and the region.

In order to accomplish this mission, the Department adopts advanced educational methods that combine theory and practical reality through the application of graduation research of students to governmental and private institutions.

Department’s Objectives:

1- Preparation of scientific cadres specialized in the field of business management to work in various administrative disciplines and in accordance with the needs of the community, the degree of its development, and the prevalence of modern administrative concepts.

2- Increasing the level of specialization in management fields at the final two years of undergraduate study (third and fourth years) such as banks management, industrial management and inventory management.

3 – Deepening the relations, between the college on the one hand and the industrial and service sectors on the other, through research and field studies. We do so in order to find solutions to the problems facing the organizations and to reduce the gap between the latter and the education sector.

4- Encouraging teaching staff to conduct scientific research; publishing research papers, locally and internationally; and supporting teachers to participate in and attend scientific conferences and workshops.

5 – Achieving qualitative learning among the Department’s students which combines theory and practice.

6 – Using information technology in the management of educational affairs.

7 – Updating the curricula, to keep pace with the scientific development and to adapt to the needs of the labor market.

Job Opportunities for Alumni:

The Department confers on alumni a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. It qualifies them to work in all public and private sector institutions, and allows them to pursue graduate/postgraduate studies.

By offering business degrees that keep up with scientific development of modern administrations, our programs:

1 – Increase employment opportunities in modern administrative disciplines, such as: project management, risk management, strategic marketing management, etc.

2 – Use scientific applications and computer-system skills in solving administrative problems.

3 – Open the door to graduate/postgraduate studies in Iraqi and/or international universities.