Digital Media Department


Media techniques has great developed since the informatics revolution till the recent century, so the great development of computers and smart phones,beside Social, scientific and professional networking and blogs on the other hand, also satellite transmission and multiple satellites specified to television channels enabled the specialists of media to access the receiver regardless of the location and time, so it should be keeping up that great development with this department making a specialized staffs can mix between modern techniques and media by dealing with modern technology, Web(world wide web) and all communication networks, all of that being by developing and updating curricula continuously.


Graduating specialized staffs in the different fields of digital media with the necessary technical and software sciences to deal with media, information and communication technology, committed with the ethics of media profession, and have the ability to compete in the local and regional labor market, and contribute effectively to the development of media institutions.


Digital media program seeks to promote the using of current and future technology in digital and satellite media field by providing the graduates with necessary skills to accept the needs of the current and future labor market of specialized in the different fields of digital and satellite media. These objectives are:

1.Providing the graduates with the necessary skills to deal with the digital media of radio, TV and interactive digital cinema.

2.Gaining the necessary programming skills to deal with the information networks of digital media whether by satellites or other  communication methods by web programming, smartphone applications and electronic journalism.

3.Gaining the skill of 2D & 3D animation and interactive design by using specialized programs.

4.Knowing the basics of photography, digital montage, digital media directing and more.

5.Ability of digital radio and television broadcasting by satellite broadcasting stations or from the Internet, the preparation, production and design of various news sites on the Internet, also the preparation, production and design of newspapers and magazines on the Internet.

6.Ability of prepare and plan media and advertising campaigns on the Internet.

7.Ability of media institutions management, especially the digital ones.

8.Ability of cognitive and technological development in the digital, satellite and interactive media field.

Job Description of the (Digital Media Department Graduates):

By the objectives that set on the department creation , the graduates can work in the fields below:

1.Local and regional media institutions (radio, television and cinema).

2.Local, Arab and international satellite channels.3.Electronic newspapers.4.Companies of production digital, educational materials, advertising materials, digital arts, websites, smart phones applications and games on the Internet, movies, cognitive communication related to society and media, 2D & 3D graphic design.

Job Description:

Bachelor of Media Science.

Duration of Study:

-Four years with two courses per year.

-Number of units required is 120-140.